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The US base in Qatar was a transit station for thousands of Afghans

An American general said that the United States had transferred most of their 57,000 people from Afghanistan to Qatar, outside the Gulf state, while fewer than 1,400 are still in the American military base there.
Brigadier-General Gerald Donoghue told reporters that some of those refugees who were flown in from Qatar are now in the United States, while others have been flown to Europe where they are being dealt with.
He also added that many of the 1,400 Afghan refugees still at Al Udeid base in Qatar are scheduled to be transferred today, while a small group will remain in need of medical care until they can travel.
The general noted that Afghan and non-Afghan nationals were flown to Al Udeid base, which at its peak saw more than 17,500 evacuees at one time.
He added that nine children were born at the base during the evacuation mission.
The United States evacuated nearly 124,000 people from Kabul last month as part of a huge air bridge set up to transport its citizens, Afghans and other nationalities, after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.
After the difficult task of evacuating thousands of vulnerable Afghans, thousands more are now waiting, some without documents or pending US visa applications, and others in families with mixed immigration status, at “transit centers” in third countries.
Afghans must navigate bureaucratic immigration hurdles to eventually enter the United States.

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