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Tamer Hosni responds to Hassan Shakoush

The artist, Tamer Hosni, through the comics feature attached to his account on “Instagram”, publishes a video clip of the statements of festivals singer Hassan Shakoush during his stay as a guest on a TV program, in which he talked about Tamer and his refusal to take payment for singing at his wedding.

Tamer commented on the video, saying: “Oh my love, Hassan, thank you for your beautiful words, and a million congratulations.

Tamer continued his speech, thanking Basma Wahba by saying: “All thanks to the great, beautiful journalist, Basma Wahba. A thousand thanks for your words, respectable one.”

Where Hassan Shakoush had stated during the program that he called Tamer Hosni and invited him to his wedding to sing in return for money, and his response was: “Habib Albi, a thousand congratulations, the world is boiling, save your money.” And he added, “Indeed, Tamer attended the wedding ceremony and sang without any material compensation, and so did the artists Ramy Sabry, Mustafa Qamar, Muhammad Nour, Ahmed Bachchan, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Hamo Beka, Omar Kamal and Reda Al-Bahrawi… They all sang in my joy without any material compensation.”

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