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The largest green hydrogen production plant in the world

With a value exceeding 8 billion dollars… Saudi Arabia is establishing the largest green hydrogen production plant in the world

Saudi Arabia has revealed that it will start building the largest green hydrogen production plant in the world, after successfully securing the financial closure of the $8.4 billion project.

It is scheduled that the NEOM Green Hydrogen Company will start delivering the basic equipment for the establishment of the world’s largest green hydrogen production plant in the city of “Oxagon” in Saudi Arabia during the next 4 months.

Where the CEO of NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, David Edmondson, said: “The hydrogen production plant will start operating from the middle of next year.”

Edmundson added, “The local market has begun to develop, especially the city of NEOM, which is moving to an economy that relies on hydrogen, and we will produce quantities to meet local demand, specifically in the transportation sector during the coming period.”

He also explained: “We have an exclusive agreement with Air Products to purchase the entire factory’s production for the next 30 years, and the company will transport all products to Europe, Asia and America.”

The plant is also expected to produce up to 4 gigawatts of solar and wind energy, which will in turn be used to produce up to 600 metric tons per day of carbon-free hydrogen by the end of 2026, in the form of green ammonia.

Green ammonia contributes to the removal of carbon from the heavy and industrial transport sectors, as carbon emissions rise significantly, which in turn helps avoid nearly 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually worldwide.

Green hydrogen (clean hydrogen) fuel is seen as crucial to the transition to clean energy in the coming decades.

Although green hydrogen is still much more expensive than oil and natural gas, developers are confident they can cut costs enough to make it competitive.

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