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The release of a new batch of detainees

The Syrian authorities released a batch of former militants who had been arrested in previous years, in preparation for their return to their normal lives.
Sputnik’s correspondent in Daraa governorate said that the release of the new batch of detainees comes as a continuation of the Syrian state’s support for the process of national reconciliation and the return of normal life to various regions of the province.

The correspondent confirmed that this batch is the first after the recent settlement agreement launched by the Syrian state and implemented in recent months, including settling the status of thousands of militants deployed in some neighborhoods of the city and its countryside after handing over their weapons and equipment. It is also the 11th batch after the implementation of the settlement agreement in 2018.

The reporter revealed that the number of detainees released is 15, whose terms of detention reach up to years, including civilians and military personnel who were involved in war operations in Daraa Governorate.

Last June 27 witnessed the release of a batch of 38 detainees, according to a special amnesty from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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