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Ukraine withdraws forces of order

Finally, Ukraine announced today, Wednesday, that it will withdraw peacekeeping forces from Kosovo, the media reported, citing the command of the Ukrainian forces.

According to a Ukrainian website, Ukraine is withdrawing its citizens from Kosovo who participated in the peacekeeping mission. We are talking about “KFOR” (the international peacekeeping force in Kosovo under NATO command)”, referring to the presence of 40 Ukrainian soldiers in the peacekeeping forces “KFOR”.

Tensions over Kosovo have been heightened by Pristina’s plans to ban cars with Serbian license plates and documents from entering the region from 1 August.

In response, riots broke out in northern Kosovo, where many Serbs live, and the unilaterally proclaimed republic withdrew the police from there. But after an American request, the Kosovo authorities delayed the entry into force of the ban for a month.

In Belgrade the move was welcomed, saying that the leadership of Serbia and the authorities in Pristina were one step away from a serious conflict, but that official Belgrade was able to maintain the peace.

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