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Yahya Al-Fakharani reveals the scenes of his new work

Egyptian artist Yahya Al-Fakharani revealed the scenes of his new series, describing it as “a distinguished work that carries a new role that it has not presented to the audience before.”

Al-Fakharani said, “The name of the new work,” Naguib Zahi Zarkash, “was chosen because it is the name of Ranan, and it is the name of the character who plays the lead role, adding that he will return to Ramadan next Ramadan with a light social series with comedy, a topic that I love very much.

He noted that “personal accessories” Najib Zahi Zarkash “indicate his personality, whether from a pocket watch or a suit and other accessories that illustrate the personality.”

Al-Fakharani stressed that he is committed to the precautionary measures in light of coexisting with the Corona virus crisis, and that his son, director Shadi Al-Fakharani, is keen to implement this with him.

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